Professional Arborists and Tree Surgeons Sutton

At Premier Tree Care, we offer exceptional tree care solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Sutton. Our team of certified arborists and experienced tree surgeons have expertise and knowledge to handle trees of all sizes and species. Whether you need pruning, trimming, or complete tree removal, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results with precision and care. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all your tree-related needs.

Commercial Land Maintenance Sutton

Our commercial land maintenance services are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Sutton. From regular tree maintenance to large-scale clearance projects, we ensure that your commercial space remains safe and attractive. Our team has a vast collection of tools for removing trees, shrubs, rocks, and other materials that may cause problems during construction.

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Landscape Gardeners Sutton

We offer a wide range of landscaping services to enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden area. Our landscape gardeners are qualified to plant trees and bushes, add water features, build patios and pathways, and add other features. Our in-house team is also expert in paving, fencing, trimming, turfing, decking and excavating.

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Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal Sutton

Our stump grinding and removal services are designed to remove stumps efficiently and effectively, leaving your landscape looking clean. We use the latest equipment to ground down the stump to the ground level without excavating the whole area.

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Hedge Trimming Services Sutton

Our professional hedge-trimming services maintain the health and appearance of your hedges. Our skilled technicians have the tools and expertise to trim hedges of all shapes and sizes, ensuring they remain neat, tidy, and vibrant throughout the year. From regular trimming appointments to one-time reshaping, we can tailor our services based on your needs.

Tree Surgery Equipment

We have an extensive range of powerful tree surgery tools including:

  • Vermeer Skid Steer 800
  • Heizohack 4800 – Chipper
  • TP 250 WoodChipper
  • Heizohack HM10 500 KTL – Chipper
  • Unimog U1700
  • Full Range Of Diggers With Tree Shears & Mulching Heads
  • Logset Forestry Forwarder 12 000 kg | 5F GT

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Emergency Tree Removals Sutton

We offer prompt and reliable emergency tree removal services to address urgent situations and minimise potential risks to your property and safety.

For all your tree cutting, removal, and maintenance needs in Sutton, trust our team of experts to deliver outstanding results every time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote.

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