Affordable Stump Grinding Services

So, you’ve recently had your tree cut down (or have moved into a property that once had one). Maybe it was blocking light, maybe it was in the way of building work, or maybe it was simply getting too big, but we’re sure you’ve noticed that it’s not all quite gone, right? You will need a stump grinding service to finish the job.

Tree felling (the cutting down of a tree) only removes the bulk of the tree and leaves an unsightly stump behind. You’ll have noticed a fair few tree stumps around, in residential and commercial properties. You might be looking at your own, wondering what to do with it.

Don’t worry too much though, there is a simple solution, tree stumps don’t look very nice, and can even rot and become moldy, so we’re here to grind your tree stump down using a technique called stump grinding. For stump grinding in Surrey call us today.


Stump grinding refers to the removal of the tree stump after the main body of the tree has been felled (cut down). Stump grinding gets its name from the method of removal, and the equipment we use – a stump grinder.

A stump grinder cuts a stump down easily, grinding it into a mulch-like substance for easy disposal.


Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons, there are also a few other benefits to removing your stump after tree surgery. We believe that sometimes there is no other option but to remove the tree stump, especially if it’s in the way of foliage, garden paths or driveways. Like everything else organic, tree stumps decay with age. We’re here to help you remove the stump before it begins to attract mould, fungi and other nasty surprises that you don’t want in your garden.

It’s important that your stump removal is done properly and professionally, as the roots need to be carefully and fully excavated. We use state-of-the-art equipment, paired with an experienced and professional team of friendly tree surgeons who know exactly how to get rid of your old tree stump once and for all.

We can help with both commercial or domestic tree stump removals, no matter what the location in Surrey, Berkshire and beyond, or how big or small the job is. We also recycle all of the tree stump mulch! Simply get in touch with one of our friendly, experienced tree experts to find out more about the service, or to book a consultation or tree stump removal.

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