Professional Arborists and Tree Leatherhead

We at Premier Tree Care have a team of arborist specialists in Leatherhead. Our skilled and highly experienced tree surgeons have extensive knowledge of tree growth patterns and disease management that enable them to identify and treat various tree problems. Our professional tree surgeons can also offer advice on tree planting, pruning and removal.

Commercial Land Maintenance

If you are looking for a professional team for commercial site maintenance and clearance, Premier Tree Care is here to help you. Our team is a specialist in removing trees, shrubs, rocks, and other obstacles that may hinder the project’s progress. Contact us today for complete commercial land maintenance work in Leatherhead.

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Landscape Gardeners Leatherhead

Our landscape gardeners will collaboratively work with you to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space. We create beautiful landscapes to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space. Our experts can plant trees and bushes, construct patios, pathways, and other exterior constructions, as well as install water features.

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Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal Leatherhead

We also offer stump grinding and removal services to our Leatherhead clients. We use the latest machinery and tools to grind the stump and completely remove it from the ground. Our stump grinding services are prompt and efficient in removing stumps without digging wide areas of your property.

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Hedge Trimming Services Leatherhead

At Premier Tree Care, we offer both commercial and residential hedge management and trimming. We provide cutting-edge hedge-trimming services in Leatherhead to ensure the healthy growth of plants. To enhance the look of outdoor spaces, our skilled team use advanced methods to trim and shape hedges of all shapes and sizes. 

Tree Surgery Equipment

We have an impressive collection of heavy-duty machinery for all types of commercial tree work. Our tree surgery equipment includes:

  • Vermeer Skid Steer 800
  • Heizohack 4800 – Chipper
  • TP 250 WoodChipper
  • Heizohack HM10 500 KTL – Chipper
  • Unimog U1700
  • Full Range Of Diggers With Tree Shears & Mulching Heads
  • Logset Forestry Forwarder 12 000 kg | 5F GT

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Emergency Tree Removals Leatherhead

Should it be necessary, we can also serve our Leatherhead clients with a 24/7 emergency tree removal service. Our team is full of experienced arborists who can remove and move broken trees that may have fallen or broken due to bad weather. If any of our tree services could benefit your Leatherhead property, please contact us today.

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